Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Series (2021) Skins

Size: 13-Inch 360
Style: Top Lid
Sale price$19.95


Precision cut skins for your 2021 Samsung Galaxy Book Pro series laptops. Our skins are designed in-house with actual devices - not test models.  


  • NP930QDB
  • NP950QDB
  • NP930XDB
  • NP950XDB


  • We understand there aren't a ton of sample photos here.  We are launching this design during a vinyl shortage and wanted to reserve material we have on hand for customer orders, rather than product photos.  Please check out our other products for examples of vinyls you don't see here.  
  • Due to concerns about paint integrity, we do not offer bottom designs on the 15-inch model.  
  • The finish of the surface used on both devices appears to cause the vinyls to tack quicker than usual.  As such, installation is slightly more difficult than other devices.  Please watch the installation videos for tips. 

STYLES - Must be chosen individually 

  • Top Lid - A skin that will cover the top of the lid.  This will not cover the sides of the lid.  The 13-inch model includes hinge pieces. the 15-inch model does not.
  • Full Interior - A skin that will cover the palm rest and other areas around the keyboard of the device. 
  • Palm Rest - A skin that will cover the palm rest and track pad of the device.  
  • Bottom - A skin that will cover the bottom panel.  These are an advanced install and not recommend unless you have experience working with vinyl.  Because of the installation difficulty, we will not offer bottom designs in Honeycomb, Leather, or Forged Carbon.  

We offer high quality vinyl materials - you may even recognize some of them - made by 3M, Avery, Hexis, and Oracal. There are no off-brand, unlabeled materials with questionable quality or adhesive here.

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