Asus ROG Flow X13 (2021-2022) Skins

Style: Wrap Around Top Lid
Sale price$25.95 USD


Precision cut skins for your 2021-2022 Asus ROG Flow X13


  • GV301


  • Thinner vinyls will show ridges from surface of the machine.
  • We include a space bar skins with all full interiors, however, paint on Asus keycaps is known to be weak.  Also, removing the skins from the key could result in damage to the device if you're not careful. You're installing skins at your own risk.
  • Due to installation difficulty, the rear hinge pieces do not fully wrap around. The original hinge color will show in tent mode.
  • Corner flaps on the wrap around top lid are slightly undersized to make installation easier. You can use tweezers to stretch slightly for fitment.
  • The Full Interior and Bottom designs are an ADVANCED installation. Please watch the installation guide. They are cut very close to spec and have a lot of thin parts that can stretch easily. Tweezers are required.


Wrap Around Top Lid

Covers the top of the lid and at least some of the sides.  Requires extra attention to alignment.  Some designs may require slight stretching to make installation easier.

Top Lid

Covers the top of the lid. Will not wrap around the sides.

Full Interior - Advanced Installation

Covers the palm rest and at least some areas around the keyboard of the device.

Palm Rest

Covers the palm rest of the device.

Bottom - Advanced Installation

Covers the bottom panel.  Because of the installation difficulty, we will not offer bottom designs in Honeycomb, Leather, or Forged Carbon.  



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