Asus Zephyrus G15 / M16 (2021-2022) Skins

Style: Wrap Around Top Lid
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Precision cut skins for your 2021-2022 Asus Zephyrus G15/M16.


  • GA503
  • GU603


  • After multiple skin installs and removals, the lid accent strip on our 2021 G15 model started to peel up. It should be noted that our model seemed to have an uneven application of this strip from the factory (as shown in the photos). It was able to be tacked back down, but worth noting.
  • Top Lid's are directional. If you order a top lid without a logo cutout, pay attention to which direction you are installing. One end is meant to fit within the machined area at the back of the laptop.


Wrap Around Top Lid

Covers the top of the lid and at least some of the sides. Requires extra attention to alignment. Some designs may require slight stretching to make installation easier.

Top Lid

Covers the top of the lid. Will not wrap around the sides.

Half Top Lid

Covers a portion of the top lid. This is intended to accent the factory design of the top lid.

Full Interior - Advanced Installation

Covers the palm rest and at least some areas around the keyboard of the device.

Palm Rest

Covers the palm rest of the device.

Bottom - Advanced Installation

Covers the bottom panel. Because of the installation difficulty, we will not offer bottom designs in Honeycomb, Leather, or Forged Carbon.


There have been reports of paint chipping due to improper or inadequate application at the Asus factory - unrelated to our skins. As a reminder, you are buying and installing skins at your own risk. M2 Skins is not responsible for defects in device workmanship or damage as a result of skin application. For details, please read our policies listed on the site.

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