GPD Win 3 Skins (By Special Request)

Style: Full Body Wrap
Sale price$21.95


Precision cut skins for your GPD Win 3. Our skins are designed in-house with actual devices - not test models.


This design has moderate installation difficulty.  We encourage you to please watch the installation video to learn the installation process that our design is geared toward.  Because of this, we will not offer this design in Honeycomb, Leather, or Forged Carbon due to the adhesive properties of those vinyls.

It has been noted in reviews that the paint used on the GPD Win 3 isn't the most resilient.  We experienced paint chipping on our unit (prior to skin design, even).  Skins have adhesive, and while not permanent, can affect compromised or weak paint.  


  • Full Body Wrap - A complete set of skins to cover the entire device - front, back, top and bottom.  This is only available as a single pattern.  If you wish to purchase different back/front skins, please purchase them individually.
  • Back/Top/Bottom - A set of skins that will cover the back, top and bottom of the device.  Comes in multiple pieces.  
  • Front/Controller - A set of skins that will cover the front of the device (the controller portion).  This will come in 2 pieces and cover up to where the case splits to the back portion.  

We offer high quality vinyl materials - you may even recognize some of them - made by 3M, Avery, Hexis, and Oracal. There are no off-brand, unlabeled materials with questionable quality or adhesive here.

* There have been reports of paint chipping on GPD Win 3 due to improper, inadequate or ineffective application or selection at the GPD factory - unrelated to our skins.  As a reminder, you are buying and installing skins at your own risk.  M2 Skins is not responsible for defects in device workmanship, quality of original paint, or damage as a result of skin application/removal    For details, please read our policies listed on the site.  

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