Asus Zenfone 9 Skins

Style: Case Skin + Rim
Sale price$19.95 USD


Precision cut skins for your Asus Zenfone 9 (2022 model).


  • We are only selling SKINS here. We offer a skin design for the case that comes with the phone from Asus. We are not selling any cases themselves.


Case Skin + Rim

Covers the included Asus case and rim of the phone. *THIS IS NOT A CASE ITSELF*

Comes with multiple sets of rim pieces. Removing and installing the case can damage the rim skin due to tight tolerances.

Wrap Around

Covers the back and sides of the device. Wrap Arounds are designed to be applied to one surface of the device and folded around sides adjacent to that surface.


This is a multipiece design that will cover the rim of the phone and back in separate pieces. It is slightly easier to install than a wrap around, but leaves a small band exposed between the back and rim.

Back Only

Covers the back of the device only. Sides will NOT be covered.


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